Solid Test Suite Looking Forward


Produce test suites that can be used to verify the compliance of any server implementation to the Solid specifications

Lines of Work

  • Continue writing Solid-specific tests
    • Mostly in RDF
    • But some Perl may be needed
  • Work tightly with the spec rewriting.
  • Create a simple EARL-based report
  • Use Sarven's framework for Reports
  • Package all in a Docker container


  • 1 hour Weekly calls (Wednesday)
  • Monday standup (?)

Integration with specification

  • Work very tightly with spec rewriting
  • We noted that there are many more tests than can be exposed in the spec.
  • Limited integration with RDF data in the spec

Open Question

Given the new process, how much of the spec to we write before a proposal is filed?

Work Plan

  • Next 2 weeks: Kjetil 50% porting NSS5 tests.
  • August: Solid tests and spec writing
    • Ruben also works on spec
    • Michiel helps with tests
  • September: Writing tests as required by advances in spec. EARL output and human-readable reports